Education & learning

CC materials are available for use in Australian classrooms and lecture halls by teachers and students.

Australian teachers, educators and students can freely make use of CC-licensed materials for teaching and learning. This can make finding content for classes easier. Indivdiual educators or students, or schools and universities, can also contribute to an Open Education movement by allowing others to share, reuse and remix their educational resources.

Potential benefits for educators and students using CC licences include:

  • Finding education resources you can reuse: There is a wide range of high-quality CC-licensed material available to educators and students, including lesson plans, textbooks, articles, videos, and more. CC helps you share, reuse and remix licensed content with confidence. Finding CC-licensed materials has helpful information on how to find licensed content.
  • Adapting resources to your needs: Some of the CC licenses allow teachers and educators to adapt and make changes to resources to meet their needs and the needs of their students. This can help you save time and effort.
  • Sharing your education resources with other educators: The CC licences are a free and easy way for Australian educators and teachers to share their educational content with other teachers and educators. This encourages collaboration and innovation in education and builds a community of educators.
  • Supporting Open Education and “the commons”: By licensing your creativity under CC, you are advancing education on a global scale and contributing to Open Education movements such as Open Educational Resources (OER), Open Access, Open Textbooks and Open Data. Your educational content helps to build “the commons” – a rich body of material freely available for legal sharing, reuse and remixing by anyone.

If you are an Australian educator or student interested in CC you can: