About CC globally

Creative Commons (CC) is an international nonprofit organisation that empowers people to grow and sustain the thriving commons of shared knowledge and culture we need to address the world’s most pressing challenges and create a brighter future for all.

About CC in Australia

Creative Commons Australia (CC Australia) is the local Chapter of the CC Global Network. CC Australia promotes and encourages the use of CC licences in Australia. We connect the Australian commons and we connect Australia to “the commons”. We coordinate Chapter meetings and working groups, organise engagement events and share global news with the Chapter and our communities.

Who we are

CC Australia is an informal community of practice made up of interested individuals and organisations working collaboratively to realise the potential of CC in Australia and our region. The Chapter has two Co-leads as a representative on the CC Global Network Council (CC GNC).

Chapter Co-leads:
Elliott Bledsoe
Robin Wright

CC GNC representative:
Prodip Roy