Digital preservation is for everyone (on World Digital Preservation Day and everyday)

By Elliott Bledsoe, Co-lead Today is World Digital Preservation Day. Friday last week (27 October) was World Day for Audiovisual Heritage. Here at Creative Commons Australia we know the many artefacts, artworks, manuscripts, books, newspapers, ephemera, digital files, archival records, historical documents and other cultural heritage held in the collections of galleries, libraries, archives and … Read More “Digital preservation is for everyone (on World Digital Preservation Day and everyday)”

A photo of a poster for the CC Global Summit created by Erindira Derbaz. It is bright and colourful with six windows on an apartment window visible. Five people are visible through the windows and, in the bottom left-hand window an axolotl can be seen. Between the three windows in the top row is a cable with a bright blue banner hung on it and emblazoned with the CC Global Summit logo.

Reflections on the Creative Commons Global Summit in Mexico City

CC AU Co-Lead Elliott Bledsoe reflects on insights that came out at this year’s Creative Commons Global Summit, including the pros and cons of artificial intelligence (AI), the changing nature of the open community and opportunities to build new coalitions to take our work further.