Finding CC-licensed materials

Because CC licences include machine readable code (metadata) CC-licensed content can be found using a range of search tools.

  • CC Search Portal: CC provides a search portal that allows you to enter a search term and a platform and content type you would like to search.
  • Google Advanced Search: The Usage Rights section of Google’s Advanced Search form allows you to find search results based on the type of reuse they allow. This can be combined with other parts of the Advanced Search form.
  • Google Images Advanced Search: Usage Rights are also a filtering option for search results on Google Images Advanced Search.
  • Openverse: A search tool by WordPress that allows you to search open licensed and Public Domain material from a range of sources.

Alternatively, there are many platforms that host CC-licensed content where you can find material you can reuse. The list below are a few of them.

  • Flickr: Lots of photos and videos on Flickr are released under CC licences. The Creative Commons landing page allows you to browse photos under a specific type of CC licence or to search the pool of photos and videos on the platform available under that licence.