Open Access Week 2022

Details of the Australian events taking plave during Open Access Week 2022 have been released.

By Robin Wright, Co-Lead

A display graphic for Open Access Australasia's International Open Access Week 2022 events. It features four images – one of a city, another of a beach, one of dried mud and one of mining – each with the open padlock international Open Access icon superimposed on top. The graphic also includes the Open Access Australasia logo and the theme for this year's event: Open for Climate Justice.

This year’s international Open Access Week will run from 24 to 28 October 2022 and the theme for the week is Open for Climate Justice. In Australia Open Access Australasia has coordinated an extensive program of events and activities including sessions on: Climate injustice in the Pacific; How the Open Landscape Has Shifted in 2022; the Double-Edged Sword of Openness in Climate Science; Climate Journalism and Open Science; Moving Past Open Access Myths; Citizen Science and Open Justice; How does Open Science tackle Climate (In)justice; and Wikimedia Collaborations for Climate Science Knowledge Sharing. There will also be two practical sessions where participants will contribute to a hackathon creating Open Climate Resources for Teachers.

The OA Australasia OA week program seeks to encourage connection and collaboration among the climate movement and the international open community. Sharing knowledge is a human right, and tackling the climate crisis requires the rapid exchange of knowledge across geographic, economic, and disciplinary boundaries.

Many other organizations in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand are also holding OA week events which can be accessed from the right-hand column of the OA Australasia site. There are also a large number of international OA week events happening around the world.

Creative Commons Australia chapter will be contributing to the OA Australasia session on Tuesday 25 October on How the Open Landscape Has Shifted in 2022 with a short presentation by CC Australia chapter lead Elliott Bledsoe discussing the changing context in which CC licences have operated in Australia and how the Australian community has engaged with Creative Commons over the last 20 years.

Have a great OA week 2022 everyone!

Open Access Australasia is an institutional member of CC Australia.

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